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Presented again for smoothing and improving. I've separated each sentence.

Otro plato (de cordero)
Coge de las mejores partes de cordero, las que ma's te gusten; las 
limpias, las pones en una cazuela de hierro y le hechas agua, sal, 
aceite, pimienta, cilantro seco, un poco de cebolla cortada y la 
cantidad que quieras de almori' macerado, y la  pones a la lumbre.
Cuando va a estar cocido puedes te(ny)irlo, si quieres, con un poco 
de azafra'n deslei'do y lo llevas al horno para que termine de 
hacerse y se dore.
Entonces lo sacas, dejas que se le vaya el calor y lo comes.
Si quieres puedes hacerlo con almori' de pescado, que le va muy bien, 
en vez de almori' macerado.

Another Dish (of lamb)
Take the best parts of lamb, those that you like more; clean them, 
put them in an iron casserole and put in it water, salt, oil, pepper, 
coriander seed, a little cut onion, and the amount you want of 
macerated murri, and put it on the fire.
When it is going to be stew/cocida (? nearly stewed?) you can color 
it, if you want, with a little weak saffron, and take it to the oven 
so that it finishes (becoming) cooking and it is golden.
Then extract it, leave it until the heat goes away from it (yeah, 
yeah, until it cools, but such phrases are amusing) and eat it.
If you want you can make it with fish murri, which goes with it very 
well, instead of macerated murri.

[I suspect that "macerated murri" is the "fake" or "Byzantine murri" 
popularized by His Grace, Cariadoc.]
[And looky! more fish sauce!]
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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