[Sca-cooks] bread recipe in Fadalat al-Jiwan fi Tayyibat

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Johnnae replied to Suey with:

<<< Suey wrote: (long post snipped)

> This fun! I like to be tested and Granja fascinates me. Got anymore  
> for me?
> Suey

The original recipes are at

I am sure people like them translated and posted. >>>

You could translate individual recipes. Or if you really want a  
challenge, translate more (or all) of this and I will add it to the  
Florilegium and get some word fame. :-)  One translator also has the  
advantage or being more consistent, although being willing to accept  
the comments of others and use them to improve your translation helps  
with the accuracy.

While my first request was to get this bread recipe translated since  
there are rather few actual period recipes, it would be nice to have  
the entire work, or at least that which is published on that website.  
I don't know the copyright status of this, though.

I will try to massage the various inputs into one translation for the  
bread recipe, but I'd certainly welcome someone else doing this,  
instead of me. Even if you or someone else takes on translating the  
rest of the recipes, I think I will still post a copy of the original  
bread recipe and its translation to the breads-msg file, or if I ever  
create it, a file just containing the known period bread recipes that  

Thanks everyone for your translations and comments on this.

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