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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Wed Sep 5 22:50:37 PDT 2007

Drakey asked:

<<< ps. Anyone have a consolidate list of period cheese sources
somewhere (Stefan - feel free to jump in here :) ) >>>

Period cheese sources? My, that would be some well-aged cheese. :-)

Since you asked, Drakey, here is what I have in the Florilegium.  
Unfortunately, no consolidated list. However there is this file in  
About-Cheese-art  (12K)  3/ 4/05    "About Cheese" A tranlation by  
Aelianora de
                                        Wintringham of a 1556 letter  
on Swiss
                                        cheese and dairy products.

Unfortunately everything else is going to be a mixture of modern  
recipes, period recipes and redactions. Here are the other cheese  
related files, which are in the FOOD section:
bag-cheeses-art   (18K)  9/ 5/05    “Making Simple Bag Cheeses /  
Cheese in
                                        Period” by Lord Jakys the  
baked-cheese-msg  (20K)  3/ 8/07    Period baked cheese dishes.
Charles-Chees-art (14K)  2/27/02    "Charlemagne's Cheese: a study in  
                                        un/reliability of sources" by  
cheese-lnks       (15K) 10/ 1/04    Links to medieval and modern cheese
                                        by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.
cheese-msg       (124K)  3/28/04    Medieval cheese. Recipes.
fresh-cheeses-msg (44K)  6/ 1/06    Fresh cheeses such as cream  
cheese and
                                        cottage cheese. Non-aged  
whey-cheeses-msg  (32K)  6/ 1/06    Cheeses such as ricotta made from  
the liquid
                                        left after making other cheeses.
cheese-goo-msg    (44K) 10/31/06    Digby's Savory Tosted cheese.  
melted cheese.
Cheese-Making-art (30K)  9/29/97    "Cheese Making for the Compleat  
Novice" by
                                        Lady Aoife Finn.
cheesecake-msg    (48K) 12/ 1/06    Medieval cheesecake. Recipes.
cheesemaking-msg (126K)  7/28/06    Comments and info. on  
cheesemaking. Recipes.
fried-cheese-msg  (12K)  8/20/02    Period fried cheese recipes.
larded-milk-msg   (20K) 11/ 8/05    Larded milk. A fried, fresh  
cheese dish.

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