[Sca-cooks] bread recipe in Fadalat al-Jiwan fi Tayyibat al-t'aamwa-l-alwan

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I wrote:
>  No, it's Bread that is "cocido en el horno", i.e., cooked in an oven.
>  There are other ways to cook bread.

I should expand. In Andalusian cooking there are at least two ovens - 
there are two mentioned in both the Anon.Andalus. and in the Fadalat.

One is the Middle Eastern oven, the tannur (cognate with the Indian 
tandoor). This is a cylindrical oven that is open at the top. Bread 
is slapped on the side and cooked when it falls off. In Judhab, a 
tray of bread or sweet pastry or batter-coated bananas is placed in 
the bottom of the oven, then a chicken is suspended in the center of 
the oven so that the drippings fall into the bread or pastry. When 
the chicken is cooked it is eaten with the item on the tray.

The other is the European style oven (in Spanish "horno"cognate with 
the Italian "forno"), which is open in the front.

As far as i can tell, in both cases the wood or charcoal is placed in 
an opening separate from and underneath the baking chamber.

Of course there are breads cooked in a pan, on a griddle, on a rock, 
etc. over a wood or charcoal fire/embers.
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
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