[Sca-cooks] Dexter cattle

Susan Fox-Davis selene at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 7 12:06:46 PDT 2007

Golly, these are adorable!  I have to wonder if there's an organization for these critters on the Left Coast?  Talk about "green", here's a lawnmower whose "emissions" are recyclable as finest kind fertilizer.  Win-win.


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>I have toyed with the idea that if we get the acreage
>in the country, I'd get a Dexter for a pet.
>"Pound for pound, no bovine can match the diversity of Dexter cattle, 
>one of the smallest cattle breeds. Standing just 36 to 44 inches at the 
>shoulder, Dexters are the perfect old-fashioned, family cow. Gentle, 
>versatile and economical, Dexters efficiently turn pasture into rich 
>milk and lean meat, if you're so inclined. In recent years, interest in 
>Dexter cattle has surged worldwide."  http://www.dex-info.net/  They're 
>real cute.... http://www.dex-info.net/images/Red.jpg
>They also are excellent at keeping lots eaten down and free of weeds. I 
>hate mowing.
>There are several being raised locally too, so they do well in the county.

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