[Sca-cooks] OT - Gumbo file powder

Pat Griffin ldyannedubosc at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 8 12:03:19 PDT 2007

>From "All About File Powder" at http://www.apinchof.com/filepow1103.htm

Filé powder, sometimes called gumbo filé, (say fee-lay) will thicken a gumbo
and add a distinctive kick of flavor. It is a simple ingredient made from
ground sassafras leaves. That's all, nothing more.

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So in the interest of domestic tranquillity, could anyone who has
familiarity with file powder tell me what theirs has in it?

I know it's OT - please respond to online2much at cox.net .

(Don't worry - we argue like this all the time. We bought our first set of
Encyclopaedia Britannica as wedding gifts for ourselves so we'd stop having
to call the 24-hour NY library's hotline...)

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