[Sca-cooks] Semi-OTL what to do with rue?

Gwen Barclay gwenb at cvtv.net
Fri Sep 7 15:16:40 PDT 2007

Rue is an old remedy for stomach distress in Mexico (probably goes a lot further back than 15thC) as well as steeped in vinegar for headaches according to the Leechbook of Bald.  It was always reputed to be an ingredient in the famous "Four Thieves Vinegar" along with a number of other herbs and also common spices. 
Most importantly, rue was one of many bitter herbs that were thought to be useful against the Black Plague of the 14thC in Europe.  Many cures were found in Gerard's The Herbal as well as herbals compiled by the numerous monasteries and the Dame of the Manor.

Rue is not a herb that would be used culinarily by most cooks once it is tasted.

Hope this is helpful.


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