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I know we were discussing bowls on one of my Lists. Looks like a nice
selection of books coming out.

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Dear Philippa Alderton,

One new and two forthcoming items that will interest medieval
archaeologists and re-enactors:

Firstly, we have received some copies of Robin Wood's very
attractively produced history of that humblest of objects: the wooden
bowl. The book looks at woods used and turning techniques, but perhaps
the greatest assets are the book's photographs which present bowls
from the Iron Age and Roman periods, through Anglo-Saxon and later
medieval examples, and ending up with Tudor and later pieces. And
what's more, we are offering 20% off the cover price. Click below to
see more details and to order.

Our second book, which will be available at the very end of the year
is Olaf Goubitz's "Purses in Pieces". The book looks at and
illustrates purses, pouches, bagsd and cases from the later middle
ages and sixteenth century, all of which were found in Goubitz's
native Netherlands. We have an introductory offer price of $35 on the
book and you can click below for more details, including some sample
pages to see just how well-illustrated the book will be.

And finally, also from Olaf Goubitz, we are delighted to announce that
his "Stepping Through Time: Archaeological Footwear from Prehistoric
Times until 1800" will be released in paperback later this year. The
book became increasingly hard to find in hardback and finally went out
of print, so the appearance of a paper edition (which, while not
cheap, is still considerably cheaper than the old hardback) shoudl be
very welcome.

The bowls book is available now, but the other two will not be here
until the end of the year. Still, you can secure your copy by ordering
now.... I hope you will.

With regards,

Ian Stevens
The David Brown Book Company
Tel: 1-800-791-9354


'The Wooden Bowl' - by Robin Wood
List Price: US$ 49.50 * Our Price: US$ 40.00 *
Link: http://www.oxbowbooks.com/bookinfo.cfm?ID=48389&MID=11474

'Purses in Pieces: Archaeological Finds of Late Medieval and
16th-Century Leather Purses, Pouches, Bags and Cases in the
Netherlands' - by Olaf Goubitz
List Price: US$ 40.00 * Our Price: US$ 35.00 *
Link: http://www.oxbowbooks.com/bookinfo.cfm?ID=81349&MID=11474

'Stepping Through Time: Archaeological Footwear from Prehistoric Times
until 1800' - by Olaf Goubitz, Carol van Driel-Murray and Willy
Groenman-van Waateringe
List Price: US$ 75.00 * Our Price: US$ 65.00 *
Link: http://www.oxbowbooks.com/bookinfo.cfm?ID=32567&MID=11474

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