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By the Tudor period of Henry VIII, there were of course printed books.
You don't have to rely upon manuscripts. (In fact there aren't that many 
manuscripts for that period.) The first printed cookbook in England 
appears in 1500
during the reign of Henry VII. A Book of Carving appears in 1508, and A 
Newe Booke of Cokerye appears in 1545. Ned books then appear throughout
the century.
Your library should be able to interlibrary loan in the following books:
Brears, Peter. *All the King's Cooks. The Tudor Kitchens of King Henry 
VIII at Hampton Court Palace*. London: Souvenir Press, 1999. Text and 82 
recipes from 16^th century Tudor England.

Brears, Peter. *
Tudor Cookery. Recipes and History*.
[London:] English Heritage, 2003.
New edition of Brears’ 1985 work. New pretty pictures along with 26 

Both contain recipes that have been adapted for modern kitchens. 

One older book that may still be valuable is Madge Lorwin's Dining with William Shakespeare.
It appeared in 1976.

You may also find it fun to browse the Tudor Cooks blog which is done by the
Kitchen boys who cook at Hampton Court.

You don't mention how authentic you want the meal to be or how many 
people you will be serving
or the budget. Tudor feasts can be very elaborate or they can be 
simplified. The books above should
get you started.

Johnnae llyn Lewis

Russelle Bragg wrote:
> Do forgive this humble lurker to the list,
> I seek information as to Tudor menus and recipes. I am needing this
> information for a themed event for a 12th night feast. My local library is
> lacking in historical manuscripts, there for  options are limited. Can any
> one post info.In service  Ld. Brynach ap Efflam

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