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Ticknall Pots and Potters
by Janet Spavold and Sue Brown
The first comprehensive account of the potteries of Ticknall, near
Derby, England, and the people who worked them. Ticknall ware has long
been used as a dating horizon and the results of in-depth research now
available shows that the timelines previously used are in some
instances inaccurate. This book includes many distribution plans,
photographs of surviving remnants of ware, and many other
illustrations. The text extends to over 80 000 words. Much of the
material is new and will be of interest to professional archaeologists
and local residents. A pioneering study of the extensive but neglected
pottery industry in Ticknall, showing its importance over four
centuries. Janet Spavold & Sue Brown have spent many years carefully
researching this, the first comprehensive account of the potteries of
Ticknall and the people who worked in them. Ticknall was a major
producer of Cistercian as well as basic household wares. Distributed
by specialist pot sellers, it was sold from Cheshire across to
Lincolnshire and Lancashire down to Oxfordshire. Ticknall ware is
universally known for its design simplicity and dates back many
hundreds of years, it is considered so reliable that it has been used
as a dating horizon by archaeologists. However, as a result of this
extensive research it appears that some of the time lines are in fact
inaccurate. The book is well illustrated with maps, graphs, drawings,
and photographs, the latter revealing the hitherto unrecognised skill
of the early potters. This book is a must for all those with an
interest in local history and certainly archaeologists at all levels.
192p, illus. (Landmark 2005)

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