[Sca-cooks] Chard and cheese dumplings

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I would point out Krapfen has regional variations.  What we call filled 
doughnuts are considered Krapfen in Northern Germany, while in Southern 
Germany, Krapfen mostly refers to turnovers or fried pies.  The dictionary 
definition also equates them to fritters, but I think this the French style 
of fritter with the filling folded into a ball of dough rather than dipped 
into a batter.  I would therefore tend to translate "taig" (Tieg) as dough 
rather than batter.

Welserin gives a recipe for an egg dough in A Tart with Plums (70), and 
calls for it's use in the Shrove-Tuesday Doughnuts (173).  This would 
probably be a good dough to use in this recipe.


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I finally looked at the original German for this, and am kicking myself. 
These aren't dumplings at all.  The dictionaries translate "Krapfen" as 
"donut" now, but means more like ravoili or pierogi.  "zumachen" means to 
close a pastry.  I think  "vnnd machs jn den taig zú krapffen" should be 
translated as "and close in the dough into ravioli".    This is just the 
filling, that is why there isn't any flour in it.


Welserin 119 Wiltú gesotten krepfflen machen/ So nim ain mangoldt, als vill 
dú wilt, ain wenig ain salúa, ain maseron, ain rosmarin, hacks 
vnnderainander, thú ain geriben kesß aúch darein, schlag air darein, bis dú 
mainst, das es recht sey/ rerlach, negellach, pfeffer, weinber nim aúch 
darein vnnd machs jn den taig zú krapffen, lasß sieden, wie man herte air 
seudt, so send sy gemacht.

If you would make boiled dumplings/ Then take chard, as much as you like, 
some sage, marjoram and rosemary, chop it together, also put grated cheese 
into it and beat eggs therein until you think that it is right. Take also 
cinnamon, cloves, pepper and raisins and put them into the dumpling batter. 
Let the dumplings cook, as one cooks a hard-boiled egg, then they are ready.

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