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On 9/14/07, ranvaig at columbus.rr.com <ranvaig at columbus.rr.com> wrote:
> >27. Emeles (almond cakes). Here is a fritter which is called emeles.
> >Take sugar, salt, almonds, and white bread, and grind them together;
> >then add eggs; then grease or oil or butter, and take a spoon and
> >brush them [i.e. the emeles, while they arefrying]
> >and then remove them and sprinkle them with dry sugar, etc.
> I was hoping for something to serve at feast.  This sounds really good, but a fried dish for 100 is probably not a good idea.

I've done rissoles for 75.  First, I rounded up as many electric
skillets as I could get my hands on and put one cook per two skillets,
ending up with six skillets.  This kept the stovetops free and
preliminary clean-up was as easy as unplugging and putting a lid on
each skillet.  Second, I got clean newsprint and paper towels and laid
the newsprint down, put out cake cooking racks on it, and put paper
towels on the racks.  From the hot oil to the paper towels and when
drained can be transferred to a serving plate.  We cranked out 150
rissoles in 10 minutes using that method and they were still warm when

> >12 pounds of almonds?  Egad, what're you going to do with (from my
> >experience and guesstimation) more than 6 gallons of almond milk?
> >
> Rice with almond milk for 100.  The recipe I found is 2 c almonds to 3 c water, 1 c almond milk to 1 c rice.  1 lb of almonds is about 3 c.  1 lb rice is 4 3/4 cups.  I bought 12 lbs of rice and 12 lbs of almonds.  Which should be about 84 c or 5 gallons of cooked rice, about 7 c for each table of 8. The proportions tasked pretty good in my test cooking.

Thick, yes.  I love almond milk, so I approve, but it's going to be
expensive.  I use a cup of almonds per quart or so of water (though
almost never bother to measure, really).  The longer you can soak it,
the better the milk.  We made most of ours in advance and let it soak
overnight.  Almond milk's good for five or so days in a sealed,
refrigerated container, so easy to do in advance.

Share your recipe and source for the almond-milk rice?  All I've seen
has flesh of some sort in it.

- Teceangl

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