[Sca-cooks] Age in the Middle Ages (was Re: Hildegard's dips?)

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Truly. And I picked Urban and William because they were not killed in
the battlefield, the most usual death for the people who were not

On 9/14/07, Johnna Holloway <johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu> wrote:
> Remove childbirth, of course, and the dangers associated with it, and
> nuns might well
> have stood a better chance of living a long life in the medieval period.
> Johnnae
> Ana Valdés wrote:
> > Sorry I was a bit sloppy in my redaction! 40 years was possible not
> > old, but Hildegarde was definitely old for her time's life
> > expectations! She outlived four popes and three emperors, 81 years was
> > definitely old in the 1100!
> > See the ages of some of her contemporaneans, William the Conqueror,
> > 1028-1087, Pope Urban the II, 1040-1099.
> > Ana
> >
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