[Sca-cooks] lemon barley water?.

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Sun Sep 16 00:57:20 PDT 2007

Digby in 1675 includes a barley water flavored with the juice of an orange,
but the recipe seems far more barley than orange in its flavors. It reads:

A Cooling Drink in a Fever.

Take a Gallon of Spring-water, five Spoonfuls of French Barley, half a pound
of the best blue Currants, let it boil softly till a quart be consumed; then
take two handfuls of Wood-Sorrel, as much of Roman Sorrel; bruise them well,
and let them infuse one hour, then take it off and strain it through a
Sieve; drink of this with the juice of an Orange, and a little fine Sugar.

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