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Pardon my naivety, but if the translation calls them "sour cherries",
why are you using plums? I don't get the connection - which is
probably my inexperience with period recipes as of yet, but can you
explain the connection? Thank you.

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> Pflaumen Confect - Plum butter
> 6 lb plums, 1 c water,  6 c. cane sugar, 2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ground cloves.
> Wash the plums, cut in half and remove the stones.  Cook until the fruit is soft, about an hour. Press through a food mill or sieve to puree and remove the skins.  Or you can leave the skins on and puree in a food processor.  Wild plums have a bitter skin that should be removed. Measure the puree and add an equal amount of sugar and the spices.
> Cook in a crock pot on low for 8 hours, uncover and cook for another hour until very thick.  When you put a spoonful on a plate, no water should separate out.
> Hungarian Plum Preserves/ be it white or brown.  Take the sour cherries/ and take the stems from it/ set them in a kettle over the fire or coals/ and let simmer/ until they give from themselves enough juice.  When it is cold then strain it through a hair cloth/ put them in a tinned fishkettle/ and set on coals/ let simmer/ and stir up/ that it doesn't burn.  And when it is half cooked/ then take a little ground cinnamon and cloves in it/ make well sweet with sugar/ and let simmer together/ until it well thickened/ take away/ and let cool/ so you can lift it/ and keep it in a jar or two.

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