[Sca-cooks] Round one - Plum Butter

Volker Bach carlton_bach at yahoo.de
Wed Sep 19 06:20:22 PDT 2007

>"Plum" may not refer at all to a fruit, but to a
>translation of "good" as in plum pudding.  

I don't think that works in German. 'Pflaume' has all
menner of modern and historical slang meanings, but
'good' is not really one I'm familiar with. 

>I am also >curious if anyone else sees this turning
>more into a marmalade sort of affair . . . or is it
>my own prejudice of having made it in the past, and
>thinking jams/jelies are right out (I suspect that
>is my prjudice showing through).  The pouring into a
>tinned fish kettle and  "so you can lift it out"
>appears.  Really thick 'paste' came right to mind.

I made 'confect' like that a while ago (apples and
apricots) and it turned out thick and heavily gelled.
I'd say more like an electuary than a modern breakfast
'jelly'. I do suspect that that was the idsea, a
variation on the theme of fashionable cotignac. 


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