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I agree with Selene - no water. Put the cut plums in a heavy pot, cover them with sugar and put on a VERY low heat. The juice from the plums will dissolve the sugar, then you can increase the heat. I leave the skins on during cooking for the color, then remove them later,?but I do not puree the fruit. 

I think the "prune-y" taste developed from cooking it too long. I used the recipe from Eleanor Fettiplace's Receipt Book - since I don't have the timing memorized, you might want to check in there.

If the jam doesn't work, check out the Florileium article I wrote on making Sugar Plums.

Good luck!


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My suggestion is NO WATER. 

I use plum puree and sugar in equal amounts and it comes out lovely.  
Occasionally a scant shake of ground cloves.


ranvaig at columbus.rr.com wrote:
> I started looking at this recipe from translating the word "Latwergen" which 
means a spiced fruit syrup or puree.    The word is related to "electuary", a 
medicinal paste mixed with jam or syrup for oral consumption. 
> Rumpolt calls this Plum Confect, but the recipe calls for cherries.  It could 
be a typo, but I used plums, which were cheaper.  Plums that you cook down and 
keep in a jar sounds like plum butter to me. I found a very similar modern 
recipe and changed the spices to the ones called in Rumpolt.
> The recipe is called a Confect, but the ones after is say "Du magst auch wohl 
ein solche Latwerge machen von Hollunderbeer" "You might also make such a 
Latwerge from elderberries", or  from sloes, or apples.
> There is another reference to Latwergen in Von Spicen, that is a candy that 
you roll out and cut into pieces.
> http://www.advancenet.net/jscole/maidens.htm
> I cut the plums in half, removed the stone, and cooked the plums until soft.   
I thought the texture would be better without the skins, so I peeled them, 
processed in the food processor.  There were still visible pieces of skin, so I 
ran it though a sieve.  A food mill would be even better but it only took half 
an hour to peel and puree the plums.   It looked pretty much like pink 
> So far so good.  But I had added too much water, I was afraid it would boil 
off and burn, but I think it would have been fine.  The puree tasted good but 
was very thin.  And it filled the slow cooker to the top.  I let it cook down 
until there was room to add the sugar and it was back to the top.
> It was still very thin.  By now it had been cooking 24 hours, and tasted 
decidedly like prunes... not quite what I intended.  And was still pretty thin.
> So it cooked some more, just an inch down from the top.  Now it was still 
quite thin, but down right black... and tasted like burned prunes.  Yechhh.
> I washed it down the drain and will try again tomorrow with a new batch of 
plums.  I'm going to set up a steamer, I think, and no added water at all.  And 
try a slow oven to reduce the puree.  I don't think the slow cooker had enough 
surface area.  I may even get a food mill, which is what this recipe really 
needs.  Any other suggestions?
> Ranvaig

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