[Sca-cooks] The Kitchen, the Hearth of the Family

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 19:57:46 PDT 2007

    Gunthar with your SCA rules you have pointed out to me that the 
kitchen is the hearth of my family today but when we think of that in 
the Middle Ages our slaves and servants were there, not us the ladies 
and lords of whatever land.
    Today even in Hispanic countries, where I live, maids are starting 
to work 40 hours per week and we, the family, as a result begin to 
prepare meals in the kitchen as a family and share our abundance and we 
eat those meals together in the dining room as always as if the servants 
were present. 
    Family communication commences when the children and my spouse start 
helping me, 'the cook', crying over chopping onions or debating what we 
think best for our future. While we cook we do talk about Johnna's 
hurting knees or your latest contribution to SCA which I appreciated so 
much. Still I cannot stand too long for my back that crippled me for one 
year so the family as soon as they notice I am in any pain lovingly 
sends me to sit in a chair to oversee their accomplishments and to 
appreciate all their generosity - it has been a long hard humiliating 
year. . .  being '29' mentally .- If not blessed by you the members of 
SCA group and them I don't how I could have survived.                    
    Conclusion: 'our kitchen' today is the hearth where we begin to 
share, chop and mix our minds, open them and try to express our 
concerns, our fights, ask for advise, read books together out loud while 
the spinach steams, as well as sharing our pleasures and jokes. . . The 
dining room is where we present our polished ideas
    Thanks to all of you who have helped me so much.

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