[Sca-cooks] 15th C. Ottoman Bulghur w/Chestnuts

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Thu Sep 20 07:42:54 PDT 2007

I have used the unroasted sesame oil for a number of Middle Eastern
recipes...as have you.  So I suspect that the Ottoman Turks would have used
it as well!


On 9/19/07, Johnna Holloway <johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu> wrote:
> Marianna Yerasimos in 500 Years of Ottoman Cuisine has two pages
> on bulgur. She mentions the various accounts that list it, including
> the purchasing records from 1473 that record chestnuts and bulgur being
> purchased
> and cooked in the imperial kitchens.
> She indicates that the chestnuts were omitted and return as an
> ingredient in the pilavi
> in the 18th century. She then gives an 18th century recipe for
> Kestaneli Bulgur Pilavi. It's on page 131. It's bulgur, meat stock or
> plain water,
> chestnuts, onion, butter, raisins, cumin, allspice, dill, and salt. I am
> not sure
> how early that the allspice would have made its way east to the Ottoman
> Empire.
> I just read that it was one of the things Columbus brought back from the
> New World,
> but how soon it would have traveled from there east I don't know.
> Johnnae
> Lilinah wrote:
> > I'd like to serve some version of bulghur wheat with chestnuts at my
> > upcoming Ottoman feast. The dish is mentioned in many 16th C. menus.
> > It was served at meals as a primary grain dish. Unfortunately there's
> > no surviving recipe.
> >
> > So i'm trying to invent something - yes, not good for perfect
> > historical accuracy - but there may be some diners who cannot eat
> > rice.
> >
> > I'm trying to figure out a few things and i'd like to run them by folks
> here.
> >
> >
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