[Sca-cooks] 15th C. Ottoman Bulghur w/Chestnuts

K C Francis katiracook at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 20 15:57:10 PDT 2007

That made me laugh! Sometimes the simplest thing gets the most incredible 
praise.  I fixed plain scrambled eggs and had someone ask me what I had done 
to make the best scrambled eggs she had ever tasted.  The secret was just a 
little water to lighten them up, just like my mom used to do.  I also 
sometimes use milk or cream or sour cream but plain water does the job too.

I am looking forward to the Bulghur dish that results from this discussion 
as I will be at the feast!


>From: "Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius" <adamantius1 at verizon.net>
>I've cooked bulgur in food service operations, when no one was
>looking, with hot water from the coffee urn ;-). People kept asking
>what my secret for perfect bulgur was.

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