[Sca-cooks] 15th C. Ottoman Bulghur w/Chestnuts

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Fri Sep 21 13:19:04 PDT 2007

>>Chestnuts - Again, i know you and i are working blind, pretty much, 
but i'm asking for non-Ottoman food experiences... I could just stir 
roasted and peeled chestnuts into the cooked bulghur. But i figure 
the chestnuts would be more tender if i simmer them in broth after 
peeling them, then stir them into the bulghur. (i may be able to get 
packs of peeled chestnuts which will save wear and blistering on my 
fingers) Any opinions?<<

Chesnuts do not stay fresh for very long once they are peeled, so I would be careful with pre-peeled ones.

When roasting your own, if you throw a kitchen towel soaked in ice-water over them the minute they come out of the oven then, when they have cooled and you go tto peel them, ?the shell and that nasty little skin inside come right off. No blisters.

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