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chawkswrth at aol.com chawkswrth at aol.com
Sun Sep 23 08:38:12 PDT 2007

Good Morning!

I come to all of you, seeking some help, please. Both my Mother and I are about at the end of our rope.
My Grandfather (her Father) is 101. He is in poor health, weak, with very painful Arthritis. We are having a great deal of trouble finding things that he will eat. 
He is awaiting dentures, so he has no teeth. He wants 'mushy food'
He complains that what we fix has no taste. He can only taste sweet things, which is not unusual. The sweet taste buds are the first to develope and the last to go. 
He may eat about 3-4 bites and then says he is full. No room for anything except pudding or jello. 

I need something easily eaten, tasty, and packed as full of nutrition as possible. I have started him on Boost Milk shakes, but, man cannot live by milkshakes alone....

Any ideas are welcome! 

Thank you!

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