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I learned this from the man that runs the company, Udo Erasmus, when he came
to do a lecture at the natural foods store I worked at.

He uses it as a quick and easy food while he is on the road. It has saved my
life a couple of times.   It has the sweet taste you are looking for, along
with fiber and essential nutrients.  You'll have to go to a health food
store to get the ingredients, and they aren't cheap (you'll be laying out
somewhere in the vicinity of a hundred $ to get the three bottles, but they
will last a very long time) There is no cooking involved, either.  And I've
got to say, it tastes really good, especially when nothing else is staying


Udo's Choice Wholesome Fast Food Blend (powder)
Udo's Choice Beyond Greens (powder)
Udo's Choice Perfected (or Ultimate) 3, 6, 9 Oil Blend
Organic applesauce

For one cup of applesauce, add 1 tbsp. Fast Food blend and 1 tsp. of Beyond
Greens.  Amounts on the powders are approximate; the Beyond Greens is very
sweet, and the Fast Food blend has some flax seeds and other fibrous things
ground up in it, so adjust up or down with the amounts to get the right mix
that your grandfather likes.  Add a tablespoon of the Oil Blend and mix it
all together.  

Here is the product page so you can see what is in each one:

Not getting a cut for this - but I know it works, and it seems very well
suited to your challenge.  
Good Luck, 

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Good Morning!

I come to all of you, seeking some help, please. Both my Mother and I are
about at the end of our rope.
My Grandfather (her Father) is 101. He is in poor health, weak, with very
painful Arthritis. We are having a great deal of trouble finding things that
he will eat. 
He is awaiting dentures, so he has no teeth. He wants 'mushy food'
He complains that what we fix has no taste. He can only taste sweet things,
which is not unusual. The sweet taste buds are the first to develope and the
last to go. 
He may eat about 3-4 bites and then says he is full. No room for anything
except pudding or jello. 

I need something easily eaten, tasty, and packed as full of nutrition as
possible. I have started him on Boost Milk shakes, but, man cannot live by
milkshakes alone....

Any ideas are welcome! 

Thank you!

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