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otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Sun Sep 23 12:58:29 PDT 2007

Thank you. I was mostly wanting the process of making the lasagna ( as I
have never made it) to see if that would give a clue as to why it says to
lay it out like making lasagna.
For some reason I have been intrigued by this recipe and when I have the
time, see if I can try to decipher it.
I know it is you take on it and I find it interesting. Your translation is
what got me interested in this recipe.
There is a slight drawback with being an expert as yourself, many believe
that everything that you do is the correct and the only way. Sometime a
cooking demi god ( or demi-goddess in this case) status. I have had two
aspiring cooks get on my case for not agreeing with your interpretation. :)

Thank you for info on the suet. Is there a reason for not using semolina? I
have semolina meal for Halva but I knew it wouldn't work for pasta but I was
thinking of getting the semolina flour.

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My take on this, which doesn't necessarily mean it is correct, or gospel, or
any of that stuff.  Just my take on it.


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