[Sca-cooks] Was Khazar Kosher?

Steinfeld, Henry S CIV NAVAIR PMA-209T&E/AIR 1.6.3 Henry.Steinfeld at navy.mil
Mon Sep 24 04:50:51 PDT 2007

When I first sent out a request for help on the topic of Khazar/ Caspian
sea foods, the question came back as to whether or not the Khazars were
kosher.  The research I have done on this would indicate that they very
well may have been.  This is based upon the fact that the Jews in
Khazaria were rabbinic Jews and so followed the Talmud (Babylonian
Talmud) which had recently been completed (about 460-490).  Those Khazar
Jews who were not Rabbinic Jews were Karites which are a strict literal
sect following the Torah only and so again would have been following the
dietary laws which would be considered kosher.  Recognizing that many of
the kosher laws and Muslim dietary restrictions are similar would make
such living, especially in any trading center or town quite possible.
Though to date I have not found any specific references to foods (other
than the dietary guidelines) an the book previously mentioned (Tender
Meats under the Saddle) I can see no reason to think they (the Khazars)
would have not followed the Law as given in the Torah and Talmud.

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