[Sca-cooks] good herbs

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Mon Sep 24 13:31:10 PDT 2007

Oh sorry, I am not the one applying the demi-goddess title to you. :) I
think you are very knowledgeable person at expert level versus my novice
level but others tend to take your knowledge and skill to the demi-goddess
level. Like one of the two that admonished me for questioning your Walnut
recipe interpretation. She did not believe that it is an interpretation but
THEE actual recipe of how it was done. She has since moved to another
Kingdom sometime ago so I don't know if she has brought your status back to
earth yet. :)


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De wrote: There is a slight drawback with being an expert as yourself, many
that everything that you do is the correct and the only way. Sometime a
cooking demi god ( or demi-goddess in this case) status. I have had two
aspiring cooks get on my case for not agreeing with your interpretation. :)

You really need to meet me in person before you start applying demi-goddess
appellations to me :-) I can be as wrong as the next guy, I'm just working
with slightly better sources.


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