[Sca-cooks] Bamboo cutting board

Vitaliano Vincenzi vitaliano at shanelambert.com
Tue Sep 25 07:22:49 PDT 2007

Well, that's what my Lady keeps telling me. Oh wait, that's right, we
don't have a dish washer - that's me. :) Regardless, I would never put
cutting boards through a dish washer as I prefer to wash them
thoroughly by hand. Guess I am just old fashioned, I also don't put
any stainless steel pans or knives in the dishwasher.

On 9/25/07, Heleen Greenwald <heleen at ptd.net> wrote:
> Your dishwasher doesn't get things clean? Does it need to be looked
> at?  I run my plastic cutting boards through the dishwasher... but
> not my wooden ones.
> Phillipa
> On Sep 24, 2007, at 12:54 PM, Vitaliano Vincenzi wrote:
> > To sell it to you. Period. Unfortunately too many people in this
> > country have become so lazy that if it isn't dishwasher safe, they
> > won't buy it. It's a shame really. I would never run any of my cutting
> > boards, be they wood, glass, plastic or whatever material, through a
> > dishwasher. They just don't get things clean anymore. :(

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