[Sca-cooks] OT SCA Cook Makes Good!!!

Pat Griffin ldyannedubosc at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 26 07:46:44 PDT 2007

Try http://tinyurl.com/27t9f3 if that doesn't work.

Lady Anne du Bosc Known as Mordonna The Cook

Mka Pat Griffin

Thorngill, Meridies

mka Montgomery, AL

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I know many of you know Dame Hauviette...and would appreciate seeing this
article about her:  For those of you who don't, she used to participate in
this list, but life kinda got ahead of her.  She is a cooking Laurel from
the Midrealm and is one of the coordinators (of classes) for the upcoming
Middle Kingdom Cooks' Symposium.  Which, if you can attend, you should.  I
travel from Maryland to attend, and have learned wonderful "new stuff" every
time I've gone.



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