[Sca-cooks] Ottoman Soup Choices

V A phoenissa at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 19:40:07 PDT 2007

I think the meatball & fruit soup sounds interestingly delicious.  (I would
love to try it with tamarind.)  I second Jadwiga's suggestion of serving one
fruit soup and one chicken-broth-and-something soup -- I would vote for
pasta or chickpeas, personally, and for egg-and-lemon rather than
pomegranate (which might make it too similar to the fruity soup).

Man, I *really* hope I can make it to this feast... :-)


On 9/24/07, Lilinah <lilinah at earthlink.net> wrote:
> I'm writing to ask for what you think about the
> possible soups i can serve. I just want responses
> like, "that sounds interesting", or "yuck", or
> "hmmm, maybe"
> Buyresiyye. Cook a quantity of meat halfway,
> crush 200 dragmes of barberries with a little
> water and pass through a sieve. Pour the juice on
> the meat, add 200 dragmes of skimmed honey, make
> some small meatballs and place them as well in
> the pot, add as well some finely chopped onion,
> 100 dragmes of almonds, 100 dragmes of red
> grapes, 14 or 15 tigre [dried] apricots, and 50
> or so dragmes of rice. Add next 3 dragmes of
> crushed cloves and 10 red apples chopped fine.
> Season with salt, and when it is all cooked,
> asperse with rose water, and withdraw from the
> fire. One can use tamarind in place of
> barberries. -- Shirvani, folio 126 verso
> -----
> THREE - Other Various Soups
> Soups Described by Albertus Bobovius in his
> memoirs. A Pole by birth, he spent 19 years at
> Topkapž, between 1638 and 1657, as a page renamed
> Ali Ufkî Bey
> chicken broth mixed with rice,
> chicken broth mixed with pasta,
> chicken broth mixed with chestnuts,
> chicken broth mixed with chickpeas,
> and seasoned with pomegranate molasses
> or seasoned with a mixture of lemon and egg yolks
> [notice... chicken broth mixed with rice and
> seasoned with a mixture of lemon juice and egg
> yolks... don't know what the Ottomans called it,
> but it sure sounds like what the Greeks call
> Avgolemono]

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