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> chili Cook-Off
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> Saint Phlip

What, no Texas Road-Kill Chili?

Despite being a joke, the whole thing rings true.

I enjoy chili, but I tend to make it very mild these days due to Margaret's 
allergy to capsaicin.  Pre-Margaret, I usually produced a moderate but spicy 
chili con carne Mary of Agreda.  The one exception being a chili party where 
I made two varieties, one for children and little old ladies and one made 
with a fresh Nigerian chili powder (rated at 100,000+ Scoville units).  I 
compensated by reducing the amount to 1/3 normal and still wound up with a 
chili that left all but the hardiest chili eaters in agony.  After some 
research, I suspect the chili powder was from a Nigerian Scotch bonnet, 
which, at the time, was classed as the hottest chile pepper in the world, 
but has since been replaced by several newer hybrids.


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