[Sca-cooks] Uses for fresh apricots???

Mike C. Baker kihebard at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 4 05:24:46 PDT 2008

At Poor Man's Pennsic XVI (Falcon's Keep, Northshield) this last
weekend, I was offered -- AND ENJOYED -- an interesting "minimalist"
taste at breakfast-time Sunday:  chicken with apricot halves in a light
sauce into which whole pistachio had been cracked (left in their
attached shells).  By parts, by the time I saw the contents of the pan,
I would guess one part chicken to ten parts apricot by weight, with
perhaps one part cracked/lightly crushed pistachio.  My palate and eye
did not identify any particular spice in the sauce, although for my own
purposes I think I might add a small amount of powdered dry ginger, and
if plated for service a dusting of powdered nutmeg or hint of cinnamon.

I Do Not Like pistachio -- never have, don't expect to.  However, in
this form they lent just a tiny bit of their taste to the dish, and were
easily avoided / set aside before entering my mouth. 

Kudos to the young gentleman who cooked this up (over a Coleman stove,
no less).  My deep apologies that I cannot recall his name at the
moment; he was part of the encampment of Mara the (regional?) archer

(One of the more interesting times I've had as a camp herald -- and a
thoroughly enjoyable event / major demo.)

Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe

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