[Sca-cooks] Uses for fresh apricots???

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Look up my "Visions of Sugerplums" Article in the Floreligium. It works great for apricots!


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Hello, all!
I'm looking for recipes (period or not) that make use of fresh apricots.  While 
doing my cardio yesterday (I walk outside, using the hiking/trail system in 
town), I found a gi-NORMOUS tree with almost-ripe apricots, quite free for the 
picking.  I'll use about a half-gallon of them for liqueur, and probably more 
for a batch of conserves, or maybe some sort of simple, fresh tart? (a gallete, 
maybe? did I spell that correctly?)
After that, I run out of ideas....


p.s.  I thought of drying them, but don't have a food dehydrator.....
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