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Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius adamantius1 at verizon.net
Mon Aug 4 22:39:53 PDT 2008

On Aug 5, 2008, at 1:00 AM, S CLEMENGER wrote:

> *Live* turtles? What, uhm, possible culinary edge does vivisection  
> give to a
> dish containing live turtles? I don't feel at all squeamish about the
> shark's fin, although I'd probably avoid it because of mercury
> contamination.....
> --Maire's admittedly western mind is boggling at that one....

I expect the turtles are as "live" as all that fish in the fish sauce  
is "rotten", or that potted Moroccan meat is "putrid".

I've never seen instructions in a Chinese recipe for turtle that  
differed significantly from Western ones, except for the other  
ingredients. In virtually all cases, the turtle is first killed by  
having its head nailed to a board, then decapitated, then bled from  
the neck, then scalded, partially skinned (feet, etc.), and _then_ cut  

If it's still moving after all that, I think a pretty darned strong  
case can be made for shrinking tendons and/or random nerve impulses.

There may be some very specific recipes for something like a soft- 
shelled terrapin to simply be chopped up while alive, but this would  
probably be for some sort of medicinal soup, and not common practice.


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