[Sca-cooks] A pudding in egges

Alexandria Doyle garbaholic at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 10:58:14 PDT 2008

I came across two receipts that I'm curious about and am looking for
clarifications.  The sources are as follows:
A Book of Cookrye,  by A. W., London, 1591.  Originally published
1584.  STC 24897 -- Early English Text microfilms reel 1613:9.
Transcribed by Mark and Jane Waks

Found at http://jducoeur.org/Cookbook/Cookrye.html

Receipt #1
A Pudding in Egges.
Take and boyle your Egges hard, and blanch them, and cut off the
Crowne of them, and take then of the yolks and chop them, Beetes
boyled, and yolkes of hard egges, grated Bread, and Corance, Salte
Sugar, Sinamon, and Ginger, and then put the yolkes of rawe Egges, and
mingle them altogither, then put in your Egges, then for your broth
take a little Mutton broth, Corance, Dates, Sugar, a little salt and
butter, thicken it with yolks of Egs, vergious and a little sugar, so
serve it in.

receipt #2
A Pudding in a Cowcumber.
Take your Cowcumber and cut out all the meat that is within it, then
take a Liver of a Lamb or Pigge, and Grapes or Gooceberies, and grated
bread, pepper, salt, Cloves and mace, and a little suet, and the
yolkes of three Egs, and mingle altogither and put in the Cowcumber,
and let your broth boile or ever you put it in: the broth must be made
of Mutton broth, Vinagre, and Butter, strained bread, and Salt, and so
serve it out.

Because these recipes were in the section with boiling things, I'm
assuming that once the egg or cucumber is stuffed it is then boiled?

If one doesn't have mutton broth, what is a good substitute?

If one doesn't have suet, what is a good substitute?

I have beef liver in the freezer, but no lamb or pig's liver.  Would
that be an okay substitute?

I've not made anything like these before but I'm quite curious...


"I'm buying this fabric/book now in case I have an emergency...you
know, having to suddenly make presents for everyone, sickness,flood,
injury, mosquito infestations, not enough silk in the house, it's
Friday..."  ;)

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