[Sca-cooks] Non-Pennsic SCA activities?

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Fri Aug 8 08:27:41 PDT 2008

Huette von Ahrens wrote:

>Do I remember correctly that you are a smoker?  If so, then that may 
>be part of the answer.  Smoking greatly inhibits the taste buds.  I 
>have known many smokers who complain that food is bland and then add 
>a lot more spices to the dish.  After they quit smoking, they 
>discover that the food wasn't bland at all and food tastes much better as is.
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I do on rare occasions smoke a cigar. Maybe two or three times a year 
at this point. But even long before I took that up, I have always 
liked my food at the spicy end of things.

I was eating hot salsa at the age of three and my parents were at a 
complete loss as to how I acquired the taste as nobody in my family 
was eating it, they are all Dutch and German settled in and around 
the area of New York. They didn't eat such things.


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