[Sca-cooks] Shop Green, but add butter???

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Sweetie, it sucks to be a grown up ALL the time - my standard Bar Mitzvah advice for my nephews.

Regarding silliness... I saw on the news yesterday that eating non-fried fish at least once a week can help prevent lesions from developing in the brain and causing dementia. This totally legitimizes a visit to the all-you-can-eat sushi bar!


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What's not to like about animal fats? Lard is produced by unskilled labor, nobody teaches a pig how to be fat. Guaranteed trans-fat free, can be produced by low-tech methods and tastier than any substitute. Pork Fat Still Rules! 
I could use some silly in my life. Worldcon starts today, Pennsic is still going on, I'm not at either one because I bought a house instead. Sigh. It sucks to be a grown up, sometimes. 
Johnna Holloway wrote: 
> We can't end silly season without a mention of 
> someone like Emeril, can we??? 
> So here goes-- 
> http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/04/arts/television/04watc.html?em 
> "An alien has invaded Planet Green. 
> In a wispy utopia of bamboo cotton, home wind turbines and vegan > celebrities, there is one kitchen voluptuary who seems intent on > subverting this environmental cable channel’s less-is-more ethos. 
> Emeril Lagasse > <http:
//topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/people/l/emeril_lagasse/index.html?inline=nyt-per> > cannot put away the butter. Or the cream, crème fraîche, white flour, > olive oil, fried batters, béchamel, roux, mayonnaise and fatty beef. > “Emeril Green” on Planet Green, a new offering by the Discovery > Networks, is supposed to promote easy, healthy ways to prepare > nutritious, eco-friendly dishes. As he strolls the aisles of a Whole > Foods Market, Mr. Lagasse mainly points out organic foods while waving > a green felt-tip pen." 
> http://planetgreen.discovery.com/ 
> Food is here http://planetgreen.discovery.com/food-health/ 
> Johnnae 
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