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The beads that I made were not a very period recipe.  However,  I do 
have a couple of period ones that I plan to try for one of the events 
I plan to attend in September.  It was more me trying to see if I 
could do it type of thing.  I made the beads out of ground spices, 
applesauce and a fixitive.  The documentation that I used was a 
description in The History of Beads by Lois Sherr Dubin.  I am 
gathering more documentation so that my documentation can be more 
comprehensive and organized.  One I get that together, I can talk 
about an article.


At 11:37 PM 8/6/2008, you wrote:
 >Sindara mentioned:
 ><<< I tried my hand at
 >spice beads as part of my commitment to make 50 bead things for A&S50
 >challange. >>>
 >What are these? Are they herbs compressed and handled like rose beads
 >are made from rose petals? Or are these spice seeds which are drilled/
 >punched and then strung? Was this a period thing to do or is this
 >something modern using period spices? If you've written up
 >documentation for this or an article, I think it might make a good
 >Florilegium article.
 >What I do have on rose beads, in the RELIGION section:
 >rosaries-msg      (60K)  1/26/03    Period rosaries and their use.
 >Making rose
 >                                        beads.
 ><<< I also made 2 syrups using spices from my garden.  I am
 >now busily reading recipes trying to decide what I will do for our
 >upcoming Trial By Fire competition and periodically working on my
 >bead embroidery family portrait project for the A&S50
 >challange. >>>
 >Again, are these bead embroidery projects, either portrait or
 >something else, a period activity?
 >beads-msg         (48K)  5/ 9/04    Necklaces, beads.
 >beadwork-msg      (40K)  7/13/98    Beadwork on clothing. Bead types,
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