[Sca-cooks] weird question - honey fast???

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 20:07:34 PDT 2008

Pat Griffin wrote:

"I should think that honey would be considered in the same category as milk.
Both are animal products, but not flesh.  However, as Master A says, logic
does not always apply.  Having been raised Baptist, and having been a Wiccan
sole practitioner for most of my adult life, I know very little about
Catholic dietary restrictions."

My work is from 15th C Spain and before. Honey for us has nothing to do with cows or any animals. It is made by insects from pollen, plants. If you could be so kind to read our  documents like the Archpriest of Hita honey was allowed during lent as sugar.
Really I do not know where you are coming from???
Humm 'honey' can be used in a dirty sense during fasting when sexual expression is prohibited for religious fasting reasons but that does not come from cows either nor is it my problem.

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