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Ooooh, Phillipa! That's scary news for all involved! I've been through 
similar things with my parents, and the best counsel I can offer is to 
remember to take things one day, or one hour, or one moment at a time....
I've cooked with both yellow and green split peas, and I don't recall any 
significant taste or cooking differences.
--Maire, wishing you and your dad only the best....

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> First..... Is there any real difference between green split peas and
> yellow split peas? Cooking times? Major taste difference?  I bought a
> bag of each and would like to combine them into one container to save
> space.
> Second......  Good gentles, May I ask and beg for prayers and good
> wishes on behalf of my father? The doctors have just discovered
> cancer in his right hip and pelvis and top of his femur (sp) and a
> mass in his pancreas. I am praying that the mass will turn out to be
> nothing more than a cyst,,,,, but it doesn't look good. As much as my
> father makes me crazy; and I say this with love, He is a good man and
> does not deserve a horrible end.  Also, it is beyond my powers of
> imagination to imagine him not on this earth.
> Many thank yous....
> Sadly,
> Phillipa
> ...Us?  You mean someone has actually confused  us for adults?
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