[Sca-cooks] Wanted: Bean Recipes

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Aug 11 10:52:46 PDT 2008

Helena asked for bean recipes:
<<< Now that we're back,[from Pennsic] it's time for my husband and I  
to start eating
healthier and lower carb again.

<<< I am currently looking for some good bean recipes to use as side  
dishes for
our dinners, since beans are on the "authorized" list for Phase 1. >>>

Interesting. I'm supposed to minimize my carbs, so I look at the  
readings, but I don't remember beans being low carb.

You might want to look at these two files in the FOOD-VEGETABLES  
section of the Florilegium:
beans-msg        (119K)  6/ 9/00    Medieval, old-world beans. Recipes.
peas-msg          (88K)  1/10/03    Period peas. Pea broth. Recipes.

I've also got a bunch of newer stuff to go in each of these two  
files, which I'd be willing to send you. I've been holding off adding  
them to these files because both are getting so big I need to find  
another way to split them up, and because it is often difficult to  
figure out whether a message should go in the "beans" or the "peas'  

Modernly, there are a number of bean soups. Are soups allowed under  
your program?

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