[Sca-cooks] Wanted: Bean Recipes

Lady Celia CeliadesArchier at cox.net
Tue Aug 12 15:46:19 PDT 2008

Helena asked for bean recipes:
<<< Now that we're back,[from Pennsic] it's time for my husband and I  
to start eating
healthier and lower carb again.

<<< I am currently looking for some good bean recipes to use as side  
dishes for
our dinners, since beans are on the "authorized" list for Phase 1. >>>

And Stefan replied: 
<<Interesting. I'm supposed to minimize my carbs, so I look at the  
readings, but I don't remember beans being low carb.>>

Beans aren't specifically "low carb", but they're good, balanced carbs with
a lower GI/GL because they also are high in protein (which slows down
glucose uptake.) Since they are higher in net carbs (11-18 g per 1/2 c
serving depending on type of legume), Atkins treats them like starchy
vegetables and most fruits and doesn't permit them until phase 3.  South
Beach and some other carb control plans take into consideration their lower
GL and high nutritional value, and include them in both Phase 1 and Phase 2.
Whether or not they would be appropriate to you would be dependant upon why
and how you're "supposed to minimize (your) carbs." So if the reason that
you're minimizing your carbs is blood sugar impact (such as because you're a
diabetic), you may find that they work well in your diet.  You should
consult your nutritionist if you have one.  In the meantime, here are some
resources on GI/GL with some specifics for legumes and nuts in case it's



http://www.glycemicindex.com/faq_java2.htm is especially helpful in
understanding the benefit that understanding GI/GL has, especially to
diabetics, and reminds us:  
* Choose slow carbs, not low carbs 
* Use the GI to identify your best carbohydrate choices. 
* Take care with portion size with carb-rich foods such as rice or pasta or
noodles to limit the overall GL of your diet.

In Service,

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