[Sca-cooks] properly prepared marrow?

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Tue Aug 12 08:35:45 PDT 2008

Nick Sasso wrote:

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> >Marrow properly prepared and spread on a glorious piece of bread is
> >heavenly. >>>
> >
> >So what is the proper way to prepare marrow for this? And is there a
> >particular marrow you have in mind? Beef? Chicken? something else?
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>It actually could not be simpler.
>Simmer the marrow bones in a good broth, scoop the marrow out and
>spread it on bread.  > > > > > >
>That would be beef bones.
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Well yes, specifically, the leg bones.

It's easiest to get your butcher to cut them open for you to access 
the marrow unless you have a bone saw in your kitchen like I do.


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