[Sca-cooks] allergies

Ian Kusz sprucebranch at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 09:35:49 PDT 2008

Yeah; a ban of a single item is too much like a band-aid; it seems to solve
the issue, but doesn't.  There are too many allergies to be able to catch
And, since the people involved think it's "solved," they're less likely to
be aware and ready for any real health crisis.

I think it's much more reasonable to have a first aid kit in the teacher's
desk for this type of thing, and a list of allergies, known by both the
teachers and the cafe staff, with epi pens everywhere.

Otherwise, if you really want to be avoiding all allergies, the school lunch
menu will be:

Today: Poi
Tuesday: Poi
Wednesday: Poi
Poi, poi, poi, poi, poi.

I like saying poi.

"It's a little bland."

"Shut up, and eat your poi."

Let us avoid poisoning our children.  (couldn't resist)

I mean, you'd have to avoid wheat (no bread), shellfish, peanuts and other
nuts, various greens, citric fruits, chocolate, and so on.  Making sure to
provide adequate nutrition would be nigh-impossible (ketchup being a

I'll have to check your carryon.  I'm sorry, sir; no outside food.

"He's got a rutabaga!  Everybody down!"

"Make my day!  Make my day!"

Ian of Oertha

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