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This is v. amusing, a sorely needed dose of humor into my crappy day. 
(mundane nonsense, and plus it's gray and raining all day here in 
Tallahassee). I've never been (un)fortunate enough to get a chance to try 
poi, living on the east coast, but I have heard it's rather, um, bland. I 
have to avoid lentils, myself, not an allergy, exactly, they just don't like 
me. Beano only goes so far.
It is not possible to live a completely risk-free life, plus it would be 
_really_ boring. So, sensible and reasonable risk management is the word of 
the day.
Our insurance company charges us the highest prescription fee, $40, for the 
epi-pen jr. Last year we needed three of them, one for home (at home or in 
my bag,) one for the nurse's office down the hall from the cafeteria, and 
one for her classroom in a portable on the other side of campus. $120, all 
told. Better to have them and not need them, but it was still a fair chunk 
of change. And she seems to have developed, just lately, a milk sensitivity 
that looks a lot like my lactose intolerance-still waiting to see how that 
one plays out.
At least we have the tools, pretty much, to manage this sort of thing these 
days. Vivat Modern Technolgy!! I love the SCA, it is my family and my home, 
but not for one second have I wished to live back then. I'd probably be dead 
in childbed by now if I did.
Bleah. I'll go do something cheery now.
Poi, poi, poi, poi,...you're right, that's pretty funny...

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.
Frank Zappa

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like 
administering medicine to the dead.
Thomas Paine
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> Yeah; a ban of a single item is too much like a band-aid; it seems to 
> solve
> the issue, but doesn't.  There are too many allergies to be able to catch
> everything....
> And, since the people involved think it's "solved," they're less likely to
> be aware and ready for any real health crisis.
> I think it's much more reasonable to have a first aid kit in the teacher's
> desk for this type of thing, and a list of allergies, known by both the
> teachers and the cafe staff, with epi pens everywhere.
> Otherwise, if you really want to be avoiding all allergies, the school 
> lunch
> menu will be:
> Today: Poi
> Tuesday: Poi
> Wednesday: Poi
> Poi, poi, poi, poi, poi.
> I like saying poi.
> "It's a little bland."
> "Shut up, and eat your poi."
> Let us avoid poisoning our children.  (couldn't resist)
> I mean, you'd have to avoid wheat (no bread), shellfish, peanuts and other
> nuts, various greens, citric fruits, chocolate, and so on.  Making sure to
> provide adequate nutrition would be nigh-impossible (ketchup being a
> vegetable....).
> I'll have to check your carryon.  I'm sorry, sir; no outside food.
> "He's got a rutabaga!  Everybody down!"
> "Make my day!  Make my day!"
> -- 
> Ian of Oertha
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