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Euriol mentioned:

<<< Also, there is a lady in my kingdom that is in the process of  
translating a
bee keeping manual. She's taught a few times now on period bee keeping,
including a class at Pennsic. Here is the information from Pennsic

Late Period Beekeeping
What did beekeepers know in late period? Learn about beekeeping as  
from period manuscripts. Taught by Baroness Olivia d'Anjou >>>

Thanks for posting this information.

For those interested in honey history and period use of honey, I also  
have these files in the ANIMALS section of the Florilegium:
bees-Markham-art  (13K)  7/17/05    A translation by Baroness Morgan  
of Anglesey
                                        of the section on bees and  
beekeeping in
                                        one of Gervase Markham's books.
bees-msg          (54K)  5/ 1/05    Period beekeeping.
Beekeeping-AS-art (20K)  5/30/05    "Beekeeping in Anglo-Saxon/Norman  
                                        by Baroness Morgan of Anglesey.

There is also a file honey-msg in the FOOD-SWEETS section.

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