[Sca-cooks] properly prepared marrow?

Stefan li Rous stefanlirous at austin.rr.com
Wed Aug 13 22:53:18 PDT 2008

Kiri mentioned:

<<< Actually, I inherited a marrow spoon...it has a U-shaped bowl to  
dig out the
marrow with, and on the top end of the handle is a good-sized solid  
ball for
cracking the bone.  The whole thing is about 10" long.  It is of  
silver, and
beautifully decorated, so I have to assume that it was used at the table
rather than as a kitchen implement. >>>

Anybody know of any evidence of these being used during our period?  
To a certain extent, this makes me think of a later time period,  
Georgian? Edwardian? But I can imagine them being used in upper crust  
period feasts.

Kiri, how big is this "good-sized solid ball"? I'm having trouble  
imagine this being large enough to crack the substantial size bones  
that we've been talking about. Or were such bones pre-cracked to make  
it easier at the table? Seems difficult to do with finesse. But then  
modern, fancy dinners do sometimes include lobster and crayfish in  
their shells and such.

Being in the middle of a long job search which sometimes includes  
lunch during extended interviews I do remember a number of  
recommendations on avoiding ordering certain things like spagetti or  
bbq ribs at such lunches to avoid embarrassing yourself then or in  
the afternoon interviews.

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