[Sca-cooks] Fruit and Meat, was Pennsic Camp Cooking

Sharron Albert morgana at gci.net
Thu Aug 14 04:29:29 PDT 2008

>I was very delighted to receive some very nice thank you gifts from the
>people who were on the meal plan. This included a copy of "Oertha Cooks"
>which was published by the subjects of Oertha as a Fundraiser. I'm looking
>forward to trying some of the recipes in that collection.

I'm so pleased to see "Oertha Cooks" making it all the way to 
Pennsic. We worked hard to put it together (G).

Morgana yr Oerfa

PS: If anyone wants a copy, contact me offlist and I'll get you in 
touch with the appropriate person . . .
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