[Sca-cooks] List Admin needs tech help

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Thu Aug 14 09:10:33 PDT 2008

Ana Valdés wrote:
>Is the archive backed up, I mean, zipfiles, server, etc? Or is the archive
>only online? I am in a list running since 1998 and we keep the archives in a
>big server as compressed files. Easy to remove anything that way.
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This list uses Mailman and it has a specific way 
of storing the archives in both html files and 
mbox format files. I have already contacted 
Gunthar off list with a link to the instructions 
in the Mailman FAQ and will help him as 
necessary. (I'm an active member of the Mailman 
open source support community and while I am not 
a guru on it, I know enough to be of help with a 
lot of things and can ask the right questions on the users list if need be).


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