[Sca-cooks] Pinto bean recipe

elisabetta at klotz.org elisabetta at klotz.org
Thu Aug 14 12:45:07 PDT 2008

> Traditional Jewish Sabbath stew known as Cholent, Hamim, and Dafina
> (and other names) is a dish of basically meat and beans with some
> kind of grain.  Ashkanzi Jews (Eastern Europe) usually use meat,
> barley, beans and some root veggies, while Sephardic uses chickpeas,
> lamb, rice or bulger, pumpkin and later sweet potato.  There is a
> recipe in A Drizzle of Honey.  I have found several others.
> Sindara

Cholent is a stew. Any type of long cooked stew. It's a style of  
cooking something that will last for 2 days.

And yes, it usually has meat and veggies, and whatever else is  
available at the time, but can be a dried fruit cholent, which I have  
had as well. I have never had one with beans in it, and I have been  
forced to eat many of them. (My aunt makes them overcooked and thick  
and icky, and they tend to do bad things to you--the traditional  
Ashkanzi way.)

If I can get over the word "cholent," I might try a well-cooked (ie  
Sephardic)verison one day.


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