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Lilinah wrote:
>  Since the actual heirs have been discovered in Northshield, i will not
>  bother to post that the upcoming King of the West (coronation in about
>  a week) is a Viking beginning his 7th reign.

And 'Lainie
>Uther _again_? Is he trying to catch up with Jade?

Well, Jade has reigned 15 times since 1987, and he tends to come out 
to fight for the next reign after Uther. So if Uther can ever catch 
up, it won't be until Jade retires. Of course i'm not counting 
Uther's reign in An Tir last year. Plus we've had three other Dukes 
with *8* reigns. I won't mind when Uther catches up to them.

Gunthar wrote:
>IMHO, Uther is BETTER than Jade. He fights with a
>casual ease that is beautiful to watch. I consider
>Uther one of the top 3 or 4 fighters in the SCA
>right now. And, on top of that he is a very
>quiet and almost humble man. He is also turning
>into a bloody good rapier fighter.
>I may have won 2 Crowns but he is what I
>consider a duke!

I think you have a few good points. As someone who doesn't drink much 
alcohol, i find the quantity of alcohol he consumes on Saturday night 
a bit disturbing - and he isn't always so quiet :-) But he is quite 
sincere, which i appreciate, and i've never seen him be rude or 

Additionally, his taking up rapier was rather daring in The West, 
where rapier has been treated as an ugly step-sister until rather 
recently. Several long-time and potent Westerners have long been 
opposed to rapier. When Crown Prince Uther started learning it (and 
wearing 16th C. garb, too! well, as least when he's fighting rapier) 
that rather put the stamp of approval on it.

When he won this past June Crown Tourney, his speech to his consort, 
Kara, as he placed the wreath upon her head, was really moving, and 
i'm not easily moved. It was truly honest, heart-felt, and 
beautifully spoken.

Plus he makes his squires learn to do Bardic work based on genuine 
old tales and poems. He's not just about the fighting.

Essentially, my first SCA in the West was his coronation when he and 
his consort, his sister Osa, who's nearly as tall as he is, were 
carried in to court *standing* on their shields. That was quite a 
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